Table display of Dawg Snax treat jars next to sign

Top 5 Things to Do with Dawg Snax

1. Put ’em in a Kong!
 They’re just the right size, especially the Coooookies!

2. Throw ’em in the air!
We recommend you do it near your Dawg so they can catch ’em.

3. Eat ’em!
Yep, human people can eat Dawg Snax too. They’re kinda bland though.

4. Put ’em on your Dawg’s regular food!
Try adding the Just Veggies to your Dawg’s daily kibble. Mmm, RUFF-age!

5. Play Land Shark with your Dawg!
“Who is it?”
“Land Shark!”

Daisy DawgShark jumps to snatch a Dawg Snax treat from Alex
“Dawg Shark!”